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Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

As a time of renewal in the calendar, the advent of Spring often makes us take a fresh look at our homes to update and improve for the coming months. Injecting new life into our interiors can be a great way to fall in love with them all over again.

Here are some ideas of how to freshen up your home without embarking on a full-scale re-furb!

Rose and Gelder Rose floral arrangement in a Ceramic Jug

1. Add some fabulous florals

It’s no secret that florals instantly add a fresh, bright feel to a space. Spring is the idea time to indulge your inner florist with the abundance of fresh flowers available. And, if maintaining fresh displays is too time consuming for your liking or for those suffering from allergies, a display of luxury faux florals will last for many years and give the same effect.

This beautiful faux Rose and Gelder Rose arrangement in a ceramic jug is by RTFact (click on image for link).

Cushions by Evitavonni on a bed

2. Change the cushions

For a scheme that can easily be kept up-to-date, a neutral base with colour and pattern added in the accessories is ideal. With all the exciting new fabrics launched in the spring, your home can be bang on trend with merely the addition of some new cushion covers!

Evitavonni have a beautiful range of ready-made cushions (click on image for link).

3. Update your photographs

Are your photo frames displaying the same snaps you put in them when you bought them several years ago? Update them with some new (or perhaps old but different!) pics to give yourself some alternate memories to cherish for a time.

4. Re-style your coffee table

A quick re-shuffle of accessories, perhaps with the addition of one or two new ones, will immediately give your coffee table a new lease of life. Include a couple of coffee table books, some greenery, a display tray with some smaller pieces and one or two taller accessories to give some height.

A coffee table with accessories. Interior design by Vesta Design

5. Invest in some new bedlinen

Sparkling clean bed linen is perhaps the embodiment of freshness! Invest in some new sets to keep your bedroom feeling breezy this Spring. Classic white will always be in fashion and gives a crisp feel.

A pair of children's desks with leather chairs and floating shelves above. Interior design by Vesta Design

6. De-clutter bookshelves

Clutter can really weigh down a room and create a heavy atmosphere. Lighten the mood by getting rid of unwanted items from your bookshelves. Intersperse books with accessories, giving all the items room to “breathe”.

The White Company Spring scented candle and diffuser

7. Add a spring scent

Indulge all the senses by bringing the fragrance of Spring in to your home. Scented candles or diffusers with a seasonal perfume will add to the sense that Spring is in the air.

The Spring fragrance collection by The White Company is perfect (click on image for link).

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