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How to Host the Perfect Easter Lunch

Easter Weekend is upon us with the promise of spring around the corner and warmer weather on the horizon (I sincerely hope – no more snow, please!). Many of us open our homes to family and friends over the weekend with the main event being the traditional roast lunch on the Sunday.

Here are 10 tips to help you host the perfect lunch:

A bouquet of flowers with plum coloured hyacinths.

1. First impressions count!

Greet your guests in person at the door to welcome them in to your home. Create a fresh, inviting atmosphere with a display of flowers – tulips, hyacinths and hyacinths are spring favourites. This bouquet including plum coloured hyacinths is by Young Blooms (click on image for link).

2. Offer a drink.

Having a drink in their hand helps guests to relax and feel more at ease. Make sure you offer one to everyone as they arrive.

A diagram showing the placement of tableware for a formal dinner setting

3. Know how to set the table.

The proper placement of the tableware at a place setting will allow your guests to easily know which item to use at what time, making for a relaxed, smoothly flowing meal without the awkwardness of people fumbling around for cutlery! Traditionally, forks go to the left of the plate except the dessert fork, which sits above the plate. The bread plate is to the left of the main plate and the drinking glasses to the right.

A decorative napkin ring

The linen napkin may be placed on top of the dinner plate or to the left of the plate, underneath the forks – I prefer to set it on top with a napkin ring to add a decorative touch. I love these Garland Napkin Jewels from l'Objet (click on image for link) - perfect for spring!

4. Add a seasonal touch with pastel serveware.

Designers in both interiors and fashion use pastel colours to evoke the feeling of spring. Bring this to your dinner table with pastel coloured serveware. Stick to one colour to keep it chic. Porcel's Ethereal Blue collection is perfect (click on image for link).

Porcel's Ethereal Blue dinner set by with pastel blue edging

5. Iron your linens.

At a sit-down meal, linen napkins add a sense of elegance and occasion. Make sure you clean and iron yours in advance of the day.

6. Assign seating.

With this being a family dinner, perhaps with the inclusion of a few close friends, you will have a good knowledge of the attendees and their chemistry with one another. Plan the seating arrangement accordingly and write place cards for the table settings.

7. Make sure your chairs are comfortable.

The Easter Lunch should be a long affair, allowing plenty of time for family to catch up and spend time together. To enable everyone to enjoy the luxury of this quality time, provide them with chairs that are comfortable and supportive so they are not just sitting there hoping for the end of the meal! I prefer upholstered chairs with tall backs for ultimate comfort.

8. More florals!

Continuing the seasonal ambiance from the entrance hall, a fabulous floral centrepiece will look stunning on your dining table and creates a focal point in the room.

9. Check the thermostat.

A lot of people in a room can make the temperature warmer than usual. Make sure you adjust your heating accordingly to ensure guests do not get uncomfortable.

10. Make time for yourself.

Remember that you need to enjoy the day too! You won’t be able to have a good time if you are stressed and this will impact on your guests too. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready before guests arrive – if you are relaxed and comfortable, this will set the tone for everyone else.

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