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Interior Design for a Relaxed Family Space

A living room with large corner sofa. Interior Design by Vesta Design.

I am very excited to have been able to add the photographs of a furnishing project we completed for a penthouse apartment in Kensington at the end of last year to our portfolio.

I thought I would write a little more about the project to give an insight in to the process behind the design:

This particular project was to furnish a rented penthouse apartment in an exclusive development close to Kensington High Street. Curtains were provided by the landlord so our focus was on furniture, accessories and artwork.

The interior design brief was for a relaxed family feel – a space suitable for dad and the kids to hang out and spend time together.

The main living / dining space needed to be a flexible, family friendly space where everyone could eat together, do homework, chill out and watch movies or play on the Wii. An additional specification from the client was to have a bar area to double as a breakfast bar (as there was not one in the kitchen) and a space for a drink and chat with friends.

Following a site measure, we began by drawing up the floor plans using CAD and plotted the furniture layout.

We used two large area rugs to zone the living and dining spaces. In the living area, a large corner sofa serves as a base for all the family to congregate and relax, with a separate armchair for dad (another specific request from the client!) to break up the space and give an additional feature, a side table and lamp providing light to read by. A collection of 3 ottomans of different sizes can be used for a variety of purposes - a coffee table, somewhere to put feet up and flexible, moveable seating closer to the TV for the kids when playing on the Wii. Behind the sofa we positioned the bar with 3 bar stools, allowing the TV to be viewed from this area too. Either side of the TV were low bookcases to house the Wii, Sky box etc with lamps on top to create atmospheric lighting.

In the dining area, a table to seat 6 allows plenty of room for the family as well as a couple of guests if necessary. A sideboard provides much-needed storage and the lamps on top are an additional decorative feature as well as giving ambient lighting. Opposite the sideboard, a pair of desks with shelves above creates a zone for the kids to do their homework and store their school stationary. The lamps here provide task lighting to work by.

Once the furniture layout had been agreed, we moved on to selecting the actual furniture items, fabrics and finishes. Keeping to the brief for a relaxed, informal feel, we used a variety of textures in the finishes we chose – textured wood, leather, ceramic lamps and brass detailing all came together to create a feel that was curated but also effortless.

The starting point for the fabric scheme was the navy velvet for the sofa which was chosen by the client. Velvet might not be everyone’s choice for a family space, but our client liked the relaxed feel that it develops with time and use and the navy was a practical colour. To create a cosy feel, we layered several neutral cushions with a variety of textured fabrics and added a throw.

For the ottomans and bar stools, we used practical faux leather and weave fabrics. The fabric ottomans were scotchguarded for extra durability.

The blue linen dining chairs were in keeping with the colour scheme and created a cohesive feel in the whole space. The rugs needed to be practical for a family so we sourced ones that could be scrubbed and cleaned easily. Navy suede edging provided a clean border and tied in with the scheme.

Adding the final details of accessories and artwork, we kept to the theme of natural textures and finishes with the blue colour palette running through the artwork as well.

Supplier Credits:- Bar and Dining Table Florals by RT Fact Flowers- Artwork by Trowbridge Gallery and Croft Design- Photography by James Green Photographer
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