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Updating Your Bathroom

A bathroom done right can be a sanctuary in your own home. If you are planning to update yours, careful consideration at the initial stages will pay dividends.

Luxury Bathroom. Design Collaboration between Vesta Design and ME Interiors.
Luxury Bathroom - Design Collaboration between Vesta Design and ME Interiors

Here are some things to think about:

1. Budget

Before embarking on any project, it is essential to consider how much you are willing to spend. Having a good understanding of your budget will inform the rest of the choices you make as you go along.

2. Plan the Layout

Begin by taking detailed measurements of the space and drawing a scale plan. Next, decide on all the items you would like in the room – single basin or double? Bath and shower separate? Freestanding or built in bath? Bidet as well as W.C.? Check the sizes of all the fixtures and position them on your plan. Think about how the room will look in real life and what the focal points will be. For example, try not to position the W.C. in front of the door as this will be what you see when you walk in to the room. A beautiful vanity or bath makes a good focal point. Consider practicalities – check with your plumber if the desired positions of the items are feasible. Make sure there is enough space between all the fixtures to walk around the room comfortably – you don’t want the space to feel cramped. Think about cleaning. A freestanding bathtub will need access all the way round it for cleaning – is there enough room? Take your time with this stage to make sure you get it right as a good layout is really the key to any room and the bathroom is no exception.

Floor Plan for Luxury Bathroom. Interior Design by Vesta Design
Floor Plan for Luxury Bathroom Above

3. Style

Once you have decided on your layout, you can really get your creative juices flowing and get inspired about how you want your bathroom to look. There are many sources of inspiration – brochures, magazines, Pinterest and Houzz to name a few. Find some images of bathrooms that you love and see how you can translate this style to your home.

4. Fixtures and Fittings

Knowing the style that you are looking for in your bathroom will help you to select fixtures and fittings that are in keeping with this. Now that you know if you would like a cutting edge modern bathroom, classic contemporary or something more traditional, you can shop around to find fixtures and fittings that will allow you to create the look you love. Choose good quality suppliers for items that will last.

Fairfield basin taps with crystal handles by Samuel Heath
These Fairfield basin taps by Samuel Heath have a classic look with crystal handles for a contemporary edge.

5. Tiles and Stone

Continuing to refer back to your style inspiration, next you will need to select finishes for the walls and floor. Consider if you would like natural stone or man-made tiles. Marble is a popular choice due to its soft, elegant feel and the air of luxury it creates. There are also a wide range of marbles to choose from with various colours allowing you to create a variety of different looks. Bookmatched slabs in the shower or above the bath create a dramatic effect which celebrates the beauty of this material. As it is a natural stone, marble is more porous than man-made materials, such as porcelain, and does require some maintenance to protect it from stains. If this bothers you, porcelain is a more stain-resistant material making it also an excellent choice. If you like the look of marble but prefer the practicality of porcelain, there are many very good marble-effect tiles available, even extra-large format tiles with which you can create the effect of bookmatched slabs.

Benton Braid Calacatta Borghini marble mosaic tiles by Ann Sacks
Benton Braid Calacatta Borghini marble mosaic tiles by Ann Sacks

6. Lighting

Great lighting is key to creating an atmosphere in a space. Think about where you will need lighting in your bathroom both for practicality and for aesthetics. Wall lights either side of the vanity mirror are a great way to provide task lighting for this area and, with so many beautiful designs available, they can be decorative elements also. A chandelier above a freestanding bath creates a real wow factor in a large bathroom. Recessed downlighters are a contemporary and unobtrusive way to light the whole space. Make sure any fittings you choose are suitable for use in wet areas.

Brubeck wall lamps by Maison Valentina
Brubeck wall lamps by Maison Valentina

7. Finishing Touches

Once all the main decisions in creating a new bathroom are made, it can be tempting to sit back and relax thinking the job is done! I would suggest, however that you give some thought to the finishing touches for your bathroom that will really give that luxury feel. All the new tiles in the world won’t create a that spa-feel if you are using old, worn-out towels! Scented candles, floral arrangements, luxury bath products, decorative accessories and thick, new towels will all help create a haven that you can enjoy every day!

Seychelles Large Candle by The White Company
Seychelles Large Candle by The White Company

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