Interior Design Services

At Vesta Design, I offer a complete interior design service from concept to installation, including project management.

By working with me, you will gain access to a wealth of design finesse and product knowledge and receive a beautiful, bespoke scheme which will be delivered within your budget and timescales.


Drawing on my experience, I can guide you through my tried and tested design process, helping you save time and avoid costly mistakes whilst making your home the best that it can be.

Throughout the design process, I will present you with a curated selection of furniture, lighting, wallpaper, fabrics and finishes tailored to your brief to help you create your dream home.


I work on a range of projects, from full design of complete refurbishments to smaller scale designs of furniture and soft furnishings for one or two rooms.

Please get in touch to find out how I can help you.


Space P lanning

The configuration of a space is key to its function.


Working from the initial planning stages of the refurbishment process, I give detailed thought to the internal layout to optimise the space and ensure that the requirements for your lifestyle are delivered in the best possible manner.

Interior Finishes Specification

With such a wide range of finishes on the market, the choice can often seem overwhelming.

Drawing on my knowledge and experience, I select beautiful materials for your interior such as flooring, wall finishes, plasterwork, bespoke joinery finishes, countertops etc.


Considering functionality alongside the aesthetics ensures that the finished space will not only look stunning but will meet your practical requirements as well.

Space Planning

Furniture & Soft Furnishings

Furniture and fabric selection is often the client's favourite part of the design process, as there are so many exquisite designs to choose from.

I hold accounts with a wide variety of suppliers and my in-depth knowledge of their collections means that you will be presented with exactly the right pieces which have been sourced specifically for you and meet your individual brief.


I keep up to date with the latest designs by visiting showrooms and trade shows, and work with quality craftspeople to commission bespoke furniture pieces.

Lighting Design

The right lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of a space.

From down-lighters and LED strips to gorgeous chandeliers, table and floor lamps, I understand the importance of balanced lighting design to create the right feel in each room.

Drawing on my expertise, I can help you create an intelligent design for your home’s lighting.


Kitchen Design

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is an area which requires additional focused design attention.


Through my detailed briefing process, I make sure I fully understand your lifestyle to ensure your new kitchen meets all of your practical requirements as well as being a beautiful place to be.

Bathroom Design

With tiling, sanitary-ware choices and beautiful storage solutions to keep clutter at bay, I can help you create the perfect space to relax and unwind.

Bespoke Joinery

Storage is a key consideration in any home.

I work alongside local craftspeople to provide you with designs that not only meet your practical needs but are stunning to look at as well.

Accessories & Artwork

The finishing touches transform a house into a home.


source exquisite home accessories and carefully curated artwork from various suppliers to give you a beautifully styled home with a designer’s touch.